The last time I heard this I thought to myself

"Fine. Then why don't I do it to you. I wouldn't want to cause you any pain."

It doesn't matter what the situation is, this line is total bull when you are on the recieving end of it. How could this possibly hurt you more than it hurts me? I'm the one who has to have the memory of this. I am the one who is going to think about it the most often. Surely you will do whatever it is that you have to do and then you will walk away. If it really hurt you to do this thing that you are about to do, surely you will block it out of your memory and that will be the end of it, because that was your choice. But don't go trying to make me feel bad for you because you have to hurt me. I didn't have a choice and so I don't get that feeling of freedom that you got with your decision to hurt me. Instead I will be reminded of it and I will not be able to let go. In fact, it will take me longer to get over it because I will struggle with my feelings. To hate you for hurting me or to continue to love you as I always did? How can I love someone who doesn't love me anymore? How can I not? Every thing I do and every thing I see will bring back memories which confuse me even more.

You will go on with your life never thinking of me. While I will jump every time the phone rings hoping that it's you. You will date other people while I have to stifle the impulse to call you and ask you if you wanna go see your favorite band that is coming to town next month. You will make new friends while I go to dinner with the two other couples we used to hang out with. Constantly being reminded of the fact that you aren't here any more.

And you thought this would hurt you more than it hurt me?