Today was a good start to the closest I've ever come to a perfect weekend. I made the trip from Albany, NY to Rochester in an short three and three quarter hours. That's actually the standard amount of time it takes so when I say short I mean painless with no feeling of extreme desperation to get out of the car.

I arrived in Rochester just in time to help my friend pick out the most non-offensive hoochie-momma outfit we could find. I have this unbelievable knack for being able to spot the perfect outfit for everyone but myself and as a result my friends often drag me out shopping.

Now I know what you are thinking, why were you looking for a hoochie momma outfit and what's the point of getting a hoochie momma outfit if it's non-offensive? Well, if you really wanna know, you're just gonna have to keep reading!!

Anyway, after shopping we met up with some more friends and went out to dinner. We went to The Outback Steakhouse and when the bill came I noticed that somehow the waiter had neglected to charge me for my meal. That should have been my first clue that this was going to be a good weekend...

After dinner we went back to my friend Carin's place and watched some TV, trying not to think about tommorrow because the anticipation was so immense we wouldn't be able to sleep if we let ourselves think about it. Tommorrow we were headed for Cleveland, Ohio.