I used to write in my journal every single day. In fact, I wrote so much that I filled a two inch binder my senior year of high school alone. For some reason I don't ever write anymore,. I think it's this damn email thing. It's ruining me. I was so excited on my birthday that I didn't even look at the computer until after midnight. I just didn't want to miss a single moment of my birthday. Yet now, here I am, sitting at the computer typing away. Why is it that I have to have an excuse to enjoy my day. Why don't I get up every day and think, no I don't want to log into the computer, I might miss something. My days are dull, but they are dull because I spend so much time inside. I need to go out and play!!

Remember the days of your youth? Your best friend, who only lived two houses down the street, would ring the doorbell and ask if you can come out and play. We ran home from the bus stop to drop off our bookbags. We dived into the pile of dirt in the backyard, digging holes and building mountains. Now if we want to see our bestfriends we have to pull out the calendars and schedule and rearrange and scrimp up airfare. We don't even have the energy to get out of the car let alone dig holes in the backyard.

Remember when the weekends were pure enjoyment. Friday night was filled with cheesy family TV shows, Saturday was for playing in the yard, our biggest worry was that dad would ask us to rake the yard, and Sundays were for sleeping...dad watched the ball game and I fell asleep listening to it. Sunday night was the end of the weekend but we knew the next one would be coming in just a few short days. Now the weekends are filled with all the errands we don't have time for during the week, time to squeeze a week's worth of fun into one night, Friday or Saturday, only one because we can't afford two free nights a week, we can barely afford the one.

But who says that we have to let all these things weigh us down? Who says all these things have to make us tired, boring old people? Not me! I will no longer let the mundane lead me to further boredom and vegitation! I will enjoy every day to it's fullest! I will go to sleep early tonight so that I can wake and enjoy the morning, I will enjoy my day! Dammit I will! And when I feel myself getting poopy I will say to myself, it's my birthday, who cares. It wont be my birthday again for another year, but I will pretend...cos every day should be as cool as your birthday!