After drinking away most of Friday night on the Cleveland Flats it was pretty tough to get up this morning. I didn't have a hangover but I only got about three and a half hours of sleep. But we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed for the Hard Rock Cafe.

Carin was hoping that 'NSync would show up, one of the guys in the band is a huge Hard Rock fan. We sat down a little bit before noon and ordered our lunch. The restaurant was crowded with 'NSync fans, you could tell by their age and of course the dead give away - they were decked out in band parafanalia. We had waited what seemed like forever for our food to arrive when our waitress showed up with an apologetic look on her face. As it turned out, the people sitting at the table behind us had ordered the same exact thing as we had and their waiter had given them our food. We didn't mind all that much cos we were trying to waste as much time as possible so that we could catch a glimpse of the band. Carin was convinced that they would show up but I wasn't so sure cos they had been there last year when they toured. Finally our food came and when we finished eating the band still had not made an appearance. The waitress offered us dessert on the house since we had to wait so long for our food and so we each ordered dessert. Still wasting time. We finished that and still no 'NSync, I was now sure that they weren't coming, it was almost 2:30, but I didn't have the heart to tell Carin that I thought it was hopeless, so I ordered a drink. We were becoming as obvious as the fifteen year olds who had ordered soup and crackers and it was embarrassing so we finally decided to suck it up and leave.

We went back to our hotel and took a nap. Then we headed over to the arena to see what information we could dig up. Carin wanted to know what hotel they were staying at. When we got to the arena, it was crowded with 12-16 year olds dressed in full hoochie momma attire. They looked so ridiculous in their toob tops, short shorts and way too high high heels. Someone needed to explain to them that just because the shoe looks sexy in the store doesn't mean that it will look that way on you! Ie, if you can't walk in your shoes, it doesn't matter how sexy the shoes are, you look like nothing but a fool.

Carin and I were in the middle of critiquing the most recent group of hoochie mommas to walk by us when three girls sat down next to us. I could hear them chatting among themselves but I couldn't make out what they were talking about. For some reason I decided that it would be a good idea to talk with them. Through discussion I found out that they were friends with a couple of the people in one of the opening acts for 'NSync and they had hung out with them the night before. They told us which hotel the band had stayed in and that they were leaving that night. They didn't know which hotel they would be staying in in Buffalo but they did tell us the three hotels they usually stay at. And since downtown Buffalo is pretty much a hole it didn't take us long to figure out which hotel they would be staying at. The show was starting so we went in the arena.

As we were walking down the aisle to our seats I was finally getting excited about being at the concert. Last night's show had been really good, I was impressed with their live performance. They had made some changes in their music, changes which gave the music more substance. And the accopellas were awesome. But what really got me excited about being there was that I could see the stage clearly from the end of the aisle and as the usher was walking us to our seats we were only getting closer and closer...we were in the fourth row, we could see the entire stage without standing up. I have never been so close to a performer ever and it was so exciting. When a band member walked to the edge of the stage we were at maximum only ten feet away! It was incredible. And the whole arena was screaming to the point that when I leaned over to say something to Carin she couldn't hear me even when my mouth was less than an inch from her ear and I was screaming. And when I saw how close I was tonight I knew that I had to meet that challenge, I had to meet 'NSync.

After the show we booked it to the hotel they were staying at. I could see the tour buses as we neared. But they weren't 'NSync's. They had already left, it was Pink's tour bus that was parked out in front, one of the opening acts. As we were standing there, she walked into the hotel and we caught a quick glimpse of her. We waited for her to come out again, hoping we could at least get her autograph. While we were waiting this guy came out of the hotel, got into a car and took off. About a minute after he had left one of the girls screamed, Oh my God! That was Rob Lowe! No one believed her until he came back and Carin and I saw was Rob Lowe. He was in town shooting a movie. The funniest thing was that no one else recognized him. And that's when I truly realized how old I was! these kids were born the year that St. Elmo's Fire came out!!! Oh my aching bones!!

After it became apparent that Pink wasn't going to come out again we went back to our hotel room and crashed. Tommorrow we will go to Buffalo!!