Contrary to popular opinion, cynicism, pessimism and sarcasm do not disqualify anyone from being naive. In fact people who posess these traits are just as likely to be as naive as the next person. Naivete stems from a misunderstanding of the way the world works. The stereotypical naive person is considered to be innocent in their thinking and as a result easily taken advantage of. But just as the innocent is sometimes misguided in their understanding of the way the world works so is the pessimist and the cynic. They don't believe in dreams; they think the world is out to get them. They see ulterior motives that don't exist, they see dangers that don't exist and as a result they are also easily taken advantage of and led astray.

Just as youth doesn't coincide with naivete, neither does religion, taste in clothing, taste in music and dreams of the future. Just as some people believe that dreams are a way of setting yourself up for disaster, others believe (and know) that not dreaming is even worse. Dreams and goals are the map of our lives. Without them we'd be lost.