Update: Missed the Snapshot again! I will one day make it on time! Missed it by about half an hour. I would have made it in time if I didn't spend 45 minutes sticking bottles in the return machine. But then again, I wouldn't have. I needed the money for gas!

I have been noding about my recent encounters with the famous. It was actually kind of funny to watch the younger girls' faces as they caught just a glimpse of the Nsync members. Some of them actually cried. It didn't even phase me in the slightest when I was close enough to shake their hands. It doesn't really seem fair does it? Imagine being such a huge fan that just catching a glimpse of their sleive as they turn a corner makes you cry? And here is this old chick that barely even cares gets to shake hands with him? These thoughts made me begin to search my mind to find someone, anyone, who would make me cry if I had the chance to meet them. I could only think of one person and that is Melissa Etheridge. But I woudln't cry for sheer awe of seeing her. I would cry because of the intensity of emotion in which she sings. Her voice is so powerful you cannot help but get swept into her intensity. And so many of her songs can rip the heart right out of your chest. One song alone, I Will Never Be The Same, contains so much power as to leave me lying on the floor, curled up in a ball, crying. Look at these words:

naked soul
long lost child
caught in your eyes
lost in your name
secrets of your life
your distant devil
I loved you and then I lost you
I will never be the same

These words, on paper alone, hold power. But to hear them sung in that rich voice is beyond compare.