It's 8:30 PM Saturday (my time) I logged off everything just before 8PM and logged back on just now. I never seem to be on when Jeff captures his snapshot of everything. One of these days I will make it though. I did have two nodes on his new node list, however they both suck so I am still kind of bummed about that.

There is a really nice hot guy sitting across from me as I type this node and I keep smiling at what I am typing hoping that he will notice me. I don't know why I do that. What is it about having a hot guy sititng across from you that makes you so much more animated? Also, you have to type just a little faster than you normally do. Why is that? I mean really, who is impressed with someone who types fast? If you think about it, they're not going to be thinking, wow check out that chick who types fast, if she can type that fast just think what else she can do with those fingers...oohh baby! No, instead, he would be thinking something more along the lines of wow, what a geek, doesn't she have anything better to do than type to her loser friends online? And of course cos I am nervous I keep adjusting my glasses, which of course does not help the geek image thing. You should have seen the look on my face as I was typing that last sentence. This guy probably thinks I'm really strange. Plus he probably thinks taht I moved computers so that I could check him out but in reality the other computer just crashed. I made a big show of rebooting it just so I wouldn't look like a dumbass but I doubt it worked:) It's hard for me not to look like a's just one of those natural talents I have. Oh well, you know what they say,

once a dumbass always a dumbass.


So anyway, as I was saying, one of these days I will actually make it on the snapshot. Maybe I will make an appointment with myself to log on tommorrow at 8. Or maybe I can bribe Jeff into pretending I was logged on. But no, I know he would not compromise his ethics, not even for the pathetic Debbie! Good Man, Jeff!

So I have nothing left to write about except for the fact that with this node I will only have one more to go to get to level 5! Woohoo! The silliest thing about it is that I will only have another 100 XP til level 6 but yet a huge amount of writeups to go. That nice looking guy sitting across from me just said hmm....I wonder if he said that to get my attention just as I had just been smiling and softly laughing to get his attention. In faact, I wonder if he is writing about me just as I am writing about him? Wouldn't that be cool? I was just considering asking him how to spell compromise because earlier I heard him talking to another guy who told me that he had won a spelling bee when he was younger. But I am not that shameless and besides, I didn't wanna look stupid. Although I am not really cerain that I did spell it right, I suppose I could always ask him...? My friends would laugh at me if they could hear me thinking...cos it's just typical Debbie all must be getting a little scared right about now...although if my mom were here she might be of the mind that I am going insane or falling to pieces or something like that. But that's a whole nother story. (What a silly phrase...whole nother story....)