All of the above is good advice in stealing street signs. But what if this situation comes up? Say you are out on a mission to liberate as many street signs as possible with a couple of your buddies. Sooner or later, probably sooner if you are really dedicated you will encounter a sign where the top bolt is to high to reach without standing on something. At this point, unless you just happen to have a convient thing to step on or carry a ladder around with you when you go out stealing street signs there is no obvious way to get up there. You would be suprised how many signs are missing the bottom bolt and nut, but because the people trying to take the sign planned poorly they could not get up to the top bolt and so they choose to leave the sign there and find something less difficult to make off with.

Luckily for us, most signs that you encounter this problem with also have built into them a way to get up to the top bolt. And no additional tools will be needed other than the stuff you already have with you if you are stealing street signs.

The Method: After you take the bottom nut off the bolt, take the bottom bolt out. Insert the bolt lower down into the post, about 2 to 3 feet above the ground depending on how high you step up. Then use the bolt to stand on so you can reach the top bolt and nut and take those off as well.

Additional Advice: You may need a friend to help stablize you if you aren't comfortable or capable of standing and balancing on the bolt by yourself. A friend is also useful for making sure the sign doesn't fall on top of you because you have taken the bottom bolt out, and for some annoying reason signs tend to slip off the top bolt if the bottom one is out. Before you make off with your newly acquired sign make sure you take the bolt that you used as your ladder out of the post. No point in letting the authorities figure out how you got the top bolt and nut off.

Now you can go out and impress your friends with your clever knowledge of how to get those difficult street signs.