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Hello, to all on the list. I just joined this list and would like to introduce my self, my online name is Dcrusoe aka David. I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for many years and am presently in a 24/7 with my litlone for 4 years almost 5 now. We lean more to the Rack point of view rather than the SSC point of view.
Our chief interest of course is each other and our family. We live a 24/7 BDSM, D/s relationship and we embrace all that share an honest interest in this thing that we do, realizing that there are those that do not practice BDSM D/s as we do but that is what makes the meeting of new people so interesting. We also enjoy good Blues and Jazz music. A crab dinner is the ultimate dining experience for us. I work with computers and litlone does embroidery of the lifestyle and has shared her work at lifestyle conventions etc as artists do. We now live in Spring Valley, CA, having accepted a position within the IT department at a Casino outside of San Diego. We moved from Reno We are interested in exploring & developing friendships within San Diego area. I have lived an alternative lifestyle for over 20 years; my litlone on the other hand was introduced to the life by me and I am the only Master she has ever served.
We hope once we’ve completely relocated there to meet and become friends with like-minded people


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