In Loving Memory of my father Albert T. Wilson, 1923-2004

This is a follow up from the November 7, 2004 daylog about my father.  Many of you requested that I follow up with any information on his condition.  At 9:50pm central time, November 12, 2004, my father took his last breath.  My mother never left his side while he was in the hospital and was there with him until the end.  He died in his sleep while he was in the ICU ward, at Missouri Southern Healthcare Hospital in Dexter, Missouri.

He died at the age of 81 and lived a full long life.  Some of the memorable events in his life include the following:

  • He fought with the United State Air Force in World War II and was also an airplane mechanic.  This led to one of the first major events in his life.  While waiting to fly to West Germany, a sergeant woke him up in the middle of the night to work on a transport plane that was having engine trouble.  They told him he would catch up with his unit a couple days later.  However, he was reassigned to a different unit.  The sergeant who had pulled him out didn't know this.  Several months later this sergeant saw him working on a plane and had a look of astonishment on his face.  He told Dad, "What are you doing here, man?" and Dad said "Working on a plane, why?".  The sergeant informed him that his entire unit that he was first assigned to died when the plane crashed in the ocean.
  • On April 3, 1948 he married the love of his life, my Mom.  They were married over 56 years and accomplished many great things in life together.
  • They had their son on March 31, 1949.  This is where the story gets complicated.  Their son is my biological father, who was not capable of raising a child so they adopted me in 1970.  I have never considered them to be anything but my parents.  They raised me as their own, never hiding the fact that I was adopted and were the best parents anybody could have asked for.
  • They were both saved together on July 2, 1960, in a little country church in rural Missouri.  Over the years, Dad held many different positions in the church.  Through the years, my father brought many people into the church and watched them get saved.  He has touched many lives, both in the church and in the secular world.
  • In 1976, they adopted yet another child my biological father had by another wife and raised her as they have raised me, like she was their own.

My father was the type of man that would do anything he could to help somebody.  This includes giving them the shirt off of his back if that is what they needed.  He worked for everything he owned, never accepting charity from anyone.  His philosophy was that a man should be able to work and pay his own way and support his family.

His funeral will be held Tuesday, November 16, 2004, at 11:00am.  It will be a full military style funeral with a 21 gun salute and a trumpeter playing taps.  The United States flag will be presented to my mother, which she has already decided to give to my sister's youngest son, who spent lots of time with Dad and was very close to him. 

We will all miss him very much, but we are glad he is not in the extreme pain any longer.  My Dad has gone to heaven.

My wife, Harmony and I would like to personally thank all of you for you kind words and prayers over the last couple of weeks.  It really helped keep our spirits up during this trying time.  This has proven to me that E2 is more like a family than just a bunch of random people thrown together.