Getting chewed out can happen to anyone. It can arise from a variety of social problems. From lying about who your sleeping with, to just doing something stupid like destroying your grandmother's seventy year old coffee table. It happens to almost everyone. Getting chewed out is just another one of the facts of life. You do something wrong or stupid or just downright mean, you will most likely get chewed out.

I have compiled a list of the most common reasons people get chewed out. This list was created through numerous interviews and surveys. My friends and I conducted most of the surveys in grocery store parking lots. The majority of the surveys were done in Detroit, Michigan. Keep in mind these are not all of the reasons, just the answers we received from the majority of people we surveyed. I would run out of time and brain power if I were to list them all.

Most popular answers in ages 10 through 18:
  • Injuring a sibling - 30%
  • Name calling - 30%
  • Stealing - 20% (Stealing from parents was about 65% of this one.)
  • Breaking or destroying personal property - 15%
  • Smoking cigarettes - 5%
Most popular answers in ages 19 and up:
  • Making foolish investments - 30%
  • Stealing - 25% (More than 50% of these answers went on to be a bit more specific in saying that they got chewed out for stealing money.)
  • Just being generally irresponsible (i.e. injuring themselves, or doing something that causes loss of money or property.) - 20%
  • Cheating on spouse - 15%
  • Using drugs - 10%