Today, a old friend of mine came over to shoot the shit. I have not saw him for more than four years. His name is Justin but he goes by his last name... Higbee. He stands seven feet tall and is great to get high with. He likes his women like his whiskey: straight.

Higbee and I were fucking board out of our heads. We decided to play a few pranks on my sleeping brother Nick. Nick was laying flat on his back. I ran to the bathroom and got my shaving cream. I do not think I need to tell you what happend next, but allow me to explain a bit. I filled both of his hands with heaps of shaving cream but also sprinkled some sugar on the cream, in hopes that Nick would eat the shaving cream. He did not. He did get shaving cream all over his face but he also woke up and proceeded to tackle me to the ground. Higbee stepped in and kicked my bro away from me. I said I was sorry, and off Nick went to work.

I was quite displeased at the way our little "prank" went off, so Higbee and I decided to smoke some herb and think of some new pranks for my brother. We considered shooting him with the paintball gun, but he would probably shave my eyebrows off while I was sleeping if I did that, so we are gonna do the next best thing.

When my brother gets home from work today at about 4:30PM we will be waiting in the second story of the house with a five gallon bucket of water. There is a window right above the sidewalk leading up to the door of our house. When the moment is right we will dump said water onto my brother. Now being that it is November, and Michigan is rather cold during the Winter, the water will be slightly warm. It should be fun. I will be locking my bedroom door tonight.