You know it's funny, I went to Detroit, hoping to find work, move back in with my parents in a very small town called Fenwick, and I get a job within a week! That is just crazy. I suppose that I really lucked out, because a gas station down the street from us just fired all of it's employees because they all had sticky fingers. It goes to show that being in the right place at the right time can really pay off. I start tomorrow at the gas station of my dreams. It should be fun. As long as I do not have to clean the toilets or anything gross.

I also got my car back up to par today. When I went to change the front passenger-side break pad I found out that the caliper needed to be replaced as well. So back to town I go to get a brand new caliper. It was really quite easy to install. Now I just need to get a fucking muffler. For a four cylinder engine my car is louder than hell.