Another gloomy day at the gas station. I am kinda glad though, when it is raining outside few people want to get out of their cars and get wet, thus we are much less busy on these dreary days. There is a small cooler near the two liter bottles of Coca-Cola which doesn't work anymore. A couple days ago it kinda caught fire and since then it just won't keep things cool. I told my boss that the compressor probably got cooked and exploded. She just kinda smiled and said "Yeah, and you know what? That is the fifth time in less than one year that this has happened." I told her that they would be better off just buying a new cooler, but of course, that is out of reach due to major budget restrictions. So the cooler just sits there. Day and night, night and day. Humming away, and frightening our customers.

People won't stop fucking stealing gas!

Today at work we had four people drive away without paying for their gas. One of them had pumped over $100.00 into those red gas cans, and he just drove away. I got his license plate number though, so he shouldn't get far. We have them all on video. If it continues to happen, we may just have to have someone stand outside at the pumps and fucking babysit the people pumping gas. Now that is a job that I want! It would be nice to get paid for sitting and watching people pumping gas.