Interesting comments made by customers of a gas station...

About a week ago, I put a box, some pencils, about fifty scraps of paper, and a big sign that said 'Customer comment box' on the counter near the beer cooler at the gas station where I work. Today I checked the box and to my surprise there were tons of comments in it. Here are some of the best ones.

  • You guys need to get more of that chocolate sauce. It was great.
  • Your gas pumps are very old, they should be updated so that I can pay at the pump and not have to come in the store
  • Sexy cashiers would be nice
  • A PUBLIC RESTROOM!!! I gotta take a shit!
  • Why don't you guys sell whiskey, or any other hard booze?
  • More cheap ass cigarettes. I loved it when you would sell the outdated packs for one dollar!
  • Stay open all night long.
  • Willy Wonka candy! Why did you guys take it off the shelf?

Those were the more normal comments. The majority of them were on the same lines as the whiskey question. There were a few very strange comments though.

  • Can't stop the water from coming down the drain
  • Why are you people always angry with me?
  • Fuck!!! My girlfriend just drove off without me!
  • This is God. I am going to send you and the entire staff of this gas station to hell!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Tomorrow I am going to put the box back up and see if we get any more comments or suggestions.