Looking for a house

Today my girlfriend Chris and I went looking for a house to purchase. We have narrowed it down to two specific homes that we are interested in. The first is a thirty-five year old ranch house, it has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and of course the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It sits on 1.5 acres of land and is out in the country, which is great because I could party down and play my drums as loud as I want. It needs a lot of work though. The exterior of the house desperately needs to be painted. I would have to put up new drywall in several of the rooms, and it needs to be carpeted. This house would cost us $33,000.00. Not a bad deal, but not the greatest as it is not on a land contract, meaning that I would have to get a loan.

The second house we looked at today was a much larger house. It is a two story Victorian style home. It looks much nice on the outside than the first house we looked at. It has two bedrooms, and one bathroom. It is a much more economical house. We really don't need four bedrooms. This house would cost us $45,000.00, but it would definitely be worth it. The only work that really needs to be done is in the yard. It needs a new septic tank, the old one leaks horribly. This house is on a land contract, which is what I am looking for. It comes with four acres of land. The interior would need to be painted, but I really wouldn't mind that. I like to paint. We are still shopping around, but if we do not find anything else we will most likely go with the Victorian home.