It started with me sitting in a burger joint eating a burger. Sounds normal right? Well for some reason or another everyone stood up all at the same time (except me) and walked into the bathroom. Well needless to say I was a bit curious, so I stood up as well, and began heading toward the men's bathroom. There were more people than what I had originally thought. I could not even get close to the bathroom. I thought maybe someone had an accident or was hurt. I turn to the guy next to me and ask him what is going on, to this he replied "It's that time of year. Everyone has to take part in it." I had no fucking idea what this man was talking about. "What do you mean 'It'?" I asked. "The bleeding of the pigs," he said. At this point I was beginning to think What the fuck is this? I ran out of the burger place and as soon as I left the door I woke up. That is really all I can remember of it.