A helpful Indian gives me a spare tire.

I was on my way home from a job interview this morning, when my crummy little Buick blew a tire. I pull the car to the side of the road. Realizing that my brother took my spare tire, and that I could not get a signal on my cell phone, I began walking.

After about eight or nine miles of walking, a peculiar looking Indian fellow spots me and asks where I'm heading. Next gas station or anywhere with a phone I tell him. He asks why again. I tell him the story of my blown tire, and he says that his reservation is less than a mile away. I figured that I really didn't have anything to lose, so I follow him to the reservation.

It turned out he really was an Indian, and he also gave me a spare tire for my car, and he even gave me a ride back to my Buick. I really have to thank this friendly Indian. I only wish that I would have had something to give him in return for the tire. I plan on going back to that reservation tonight. Maybe bring some type of peace offering. Everyone on the reservation was very kind, and I will soon pay them another visit.

Planting the garden

Great weather today, sunny and warm. I love the springtime. My father and I decided to grow some vegetables and flowers. We tilled up a 16 x 12 foot area and started planting like mad. To my surprise the soil was quite rich. We have never used any type of fertilizer, and I don't think we will this time either. Among our plants we have corn, gourds, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes. The flower section of the garden consists of Gardenias, Geraniums, Mums and Daffodils. Now if we can keep those pesky rabbits at bay...