This Song, written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulric, features the same intro that most of the album did. A distorted guitar starts, to be joined by the band later, in a groove. The music behind the lyrics is a fast heavy riff, consisting of mostly open notes with a palm muted guitar. With the lyrics, Metallica tries to show that they're these crazy metalheads, and you are too! The song appears on their first album, Kill em All, a reference to their marketing executives. The origional title was going to be Metal Up Your Ass, but that idea was nixed by the higher ups (It later ended up on several T-shirts picturing a sword coming out of a toilet). The album was produced by Johnny Zazula. During past live shows, then bassist Jason Newsted would split vocal duties on the track with the band's lead singer, Hetfield. With the recent acquisition of Robert Trujillo, Ozzy Osbourne's most recent bass player, it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue or not. Whiplash has also been covered by Pantera in several of their live concerts circa 1993, and by several garage bands.
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