Steve Corino was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he lived there until he was five years old, when the family picked up and moved to Philadelphia.

In 1994, Corino was trained by wrestler Tom Brandi at a wrestling school in Pennsylvania. He has wrestled in the USWA, Puerto Rico and in the NWA where he was Light Heavyweight Champion in 1997. He has also held the ECWA Tag Team Titles and the NWA United States Tag Team Titles twice with his former tag partner Lance Diamond.

Corino cites Tully Blanchard, Shane Douglas, Eddie Gilbert, The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette (who has also helped him along in his career) as his idols.

After bursting on the scene in ECW, motormouth Steve Corino laid the verbal smackdown on everyone from the veteran Tommy Dreamer to World Heavyweight Champion, Taz. ECW built its reputation on 'hardcore' wrestling. It's a reputation Corino wants to tear down. If it was up to him, there'd be no more steel chairs, tables or barbed wire in ECW. Corino wants to turn back the clock to the eighties when pro wrestling was honorable, wholesome, family entertainment.

Corino even crashed a Limp Bizkit concert in Peoria, Illonois to berate their fans for their love of hardcore music.

After a feud with 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes, Corino seemed to take his wrestling career more seriously, and began to focus on his matches instead of being a manager to the likes of Rhino and Yoshihiro Tajiri.

He even managed to get the fans on his side, which led to his brief reign as ECW World champion, which began at November to Remember 2000. He lost the title in a three-way match at January 2001's Guilty as Charged PPV, with The Sandman triumphing over both Corino and Justin Credible.