Ahh, the joys of work. I mentioned in one of my last daylogs that I might be promoted at my job, to a part-time supervisor (or stuporvisors, as they're often called). When I wrote that, I didn't really know what I was getting into, and since that time I've learned a lot about myself, and how I act. I've begun to make some very positive changes as I've noticed some negative things about myself, but that's not what all this is about.

I have to write a "Letter of Intent" to the Human Resource guy at UPS. Hopefully, my letter will woo him into promoting me, and life will be good, but I'm not taking any chances. I leave at 12:20 EDT, which is ~16:20 server time. If you could be so nice as to give me feedback on the letter. I'm dealing with a corporation here, and I haven't written many letters like this. I also don't like trying to sell myself like I was a politician, so anything that could be helpful, whether it's imporved word choice, or simple grammar errors please let me know, asap. Thanks guys/gals/others

Dear HR-guy,

My name is Davidian. I’m a 22 year old male currently attending UMass Lowell for the study of History. I’ve been working as a loader on PD-2 of the Chelmsford hub (189D) for over two months. I feel that I’ve learned a lot from my trainers, my co-workers and my supervisors in that time. I have recently caught a glimpse of the training involved with becoming a part-time supervisor and feel that, with my work background and my willingness to learn, I too could be a part-time supervisor. I’m ready to put in the time and effort to broaden my responsibilities.

I graduated from Concord Carlisle High School in 1999. I continued my education at the liberal arts college, The College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio. Here, I studied computer science, as well as dabbling in different humanities. After two and a half years at the college, I felt like I wanteda change in direction. Currently, I’m a history major at UMass Lowell. My time as a computer science major taught me how to attack problems and to look for various solutions. I decided to switch to history to improve my writing ability and to learn more about humanity’s past. While I have no degree currently, my graduation date is set for 2005.

I joined UPS around 2 months ago to get a part time job to compliment my collegiate work. Since I’ve started I’ve loaded the heaviest load on the belt, Springfield, and one of the hardest, Whiteriver Junction. In the Springfield load, I was able to see the advantages of the newer equipment first hand. Whereas in Whiteriver I can plainly see the inefficiency of the older equipment and must adapt my style to fit it and the workload.

Prior to UPS, I worked as a custodian, and later, the custodial manager for The Underground, a club on campus at the College of Wooster. With this job I learned the importance of communication between managers, as well as designing a work schedule for my crew of three. In high school, I worked in the theater department as part of the tech crew. During my senior year I had the responsibility of being the chief of the build crew as well as the stage manager for the running crew. This taught me to be responsible for my own actions and those of my crew (as a Stage Manager I was responsible for everything that happened during performances) and how to assign tasks to a crew. I was lucky enough to get plenty of feedback from my crew, as many of them were peers of mine, something I would try and continue with my work at UPS.

Every job of mine has been a learning experience. I look back on my previous jobs and can see where I both excelled and the flaws in my plans and actions, which I feel is the most important feature one could have. While I worked in theatre tech, I spent time going over plans and ideas with the musical director. However, at The Underground, the faculty representative was usually too busy to help us out at all, let alone have a sit down to discuss plans. I have learned to adapt to the different working climates, and am ready to start applying the lessons I’ve learned with my previous experiences at UPS.

My current goal is to graduate college, first and foremost. After that, my current plans are to attend grad school. I feel that I can accomplish my educational goals as well as work had for UPS. I do not see myself leaving UPS before I've fulfilled those goals. I know that I can get an enjoyable work experience that challenges me both mentally and physically as a part-time supervisor. I want to work as hard as I can and learn as much as possible as I know it will help me throughout my life. I hope this has helped you in making this tough decision and thank you for your time and consideration.

I'm leaving now. Thanks to all those that helped, especially isogolem, C-Dawg, metla rosza and ophie