It is always a sad day when one learns of a death. The grey clouds outside no longer seem ominous, their squalor no longer seems out of place. I know not many of you will know of whom I write, but I do not mind. At approximately 5:30am this morning, EMTs rushed to the house of Lex Luger, a former professional wrestler for both WCW, and the WWF, currently the WWE. Luger is ok. However, the EMTs rushed a woman back to the hospital, where she later died. That woman was Elizabeth Hulette, better known to the world as Miss Elizabeth.

When one ponders on whom was the most important figure in professional wrestling, three names will come to mind immediately. Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, and Ric Flair. However, one important person is left off of that list, and that is Miss Elizabeth. She defined the role of a valet. She was beautiful, naturally beautiful, even as her aged neared the forties. More than that, she enhanced the wrestlers she was paired with, not because the fans knew she would not be far behind, but because she made them better. She debuted with the Macho Man Randy Savage, to whom she would later be wed. Her role was purely on the side, to cheer Macho on. This is until he tagged with Hulk Hogan. Macho had just turned face, and the duo was fighting Andre The Giant and The Million Dollar man, Ted DiBiase. Elizabeth was hit in the match up, causing the Hulkster to take her to the back, so she could recieve medical attention. All this was shown on the screen as Macho got the tar beaten out of him. This set up a wonderful feud between Macho and Hogan.

She was also a feuding point when Macho took on Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 8. Flair had doctored photos showing him as Elizabeth's boyfriend, a point which he relentlessly dogged the Macho Man with. In 1991, while Macho was feuding with Jake the Snake Roberts, Miss Elizabeth was slapped by Jake. This was a very rare thing back then as women had not come into their own as wrestlers, as they are only beginning to now.

She became close with Lex Luger during her days in WCW, shortly after the beginning of the nWo angle. She was found dead in Luger's house this morning, presumably from an overdose. Lex was taken in for questioning and was later released. Even later, he arrested for substance possesion.

Plato, or maybe it was Socrates, thought there existed a pure form of an object, and everything in the real world was a shoddy attempt to recreate said object. This was his allegory of the cave. In the world of professional wrestling, Miss Elizabeth was the pure form. She was the valet of all valets. No one could do it like her, and no one ever will. Requiescat In Pace my dear, requiescat in pace.

Update: Thursday, May 8, 2003: The apparent cause of death is a deadly mixture of vodka and painkillers.

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