Davidian's Engagement Log: Entry Three:

After classes I bolted down route 3 towards Burlington. While I had paid for the ring yesterday, I had to pick it up today. The jewellers sliced the rock off of the old ring, and put it on a properly sized yellow-gold ring. I look at it now, and am amazed by it's sparkle. It sits snugly inside it's maroon box, standing out like a butte in the western US.

I was met at the door by the black man with whom you'd not want to fuck with. I think the majority of his scariness comes from the fact he's A) taller than me (I'm 6'4", not many are taller than me) and B) his hideously bad teeth. However, he was nice and led me over to Judd, the guy who gave me the hook up yesterday.

Judd's an interesting guy. He's currently in the same boat I am, just a week ahead of my schedule. He also has this strange habit of not saying "Good Luck," or "best wishes" or something like that. Instead he says, "May the force be with you." I'm sorry, I consider myself a geek, I like Star Wars as much as the next geek, but come on! I didn't know people actually used that phrase in day-to-day conversation. However, I should not rag on Judd, he did, afterall, give me the hook up.

I have nothing to do now but bide my time until next Friday, when I call my girl's father. I think it was my love of Arthurian legend when I was younger that gave me my semblance of chivalry. This will probably be the most nerve-racking phone call I will ever make. When I do make it, I just hope he's home.

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