Davidian's Engagement Log: Entry 2:

Today, I came a step closer to the deed. Today, I purchased a ring. 40 point, marquisse cut. Good clarity, excellent cut. And quite a bargain too. The place I bought it from, Long's Jewellers, in Burlington, Massachusetts, gave me the hook up. Mad props out to them.

I walked into the store nervous, and off my game. I was not going looking this time, I was shopping to buy. One of the men working there told me to sit in front of one of their wide display cases, and that I'd be helped soon. I was intimidated as soon as I walked in to the store. Sitting me down infront of a three diamond ring, with a 7 carat center stone, totalling $31,000 did not help my nerves. For those that don't know, 7 carats is about from the knuckle of your thumb to the tip. A rather large black man, the kind you'd not want to fuck with, had to come over because it was pulled out of the case.

Everyone working there was real nice. I learned a valuable lesson. Mention your connections right away. I was shown stones out of my price range. I didn't think I would be able to find something that would not end up bankrupting me, like I sucked at Monopoly. I told the man helping me that my father was coming.

"Where from?" He asked.

"The Lahey Clinic, he works there."

Long tangent short, my father operated on another of the staff there, who was helping two middle-aged women off to my left at the time. I got the hook up. As I said earlier, I ended up getting a 40 point stone. There are 100 points to a carat, so this stone is just under half a carat. Unfortunatly, the band was made of white gold, and that did me no good. Men, remember, when you buy a woman jewelry to stick to the same color, silver/platinum/white gold, or yellow gold. Otherwise, she can't wear all the pieces together due to rules of something called fashion.

I'm going back there tomorrow after classes to pick it up. They are changing the stone over to a yellow-gold ring so it works with all the other jewelry I bought for my girl. I'm still planning on giving my girl the ring over break. The ring is beautiful, I cannot wait to slip it on her finger. Less than two weeks...

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