An attempt to jumpstart my noding again. I've been in a lull, and can't get a good noding rhythm going. Considering I want to focus more on my writing, this is not good. So, here's some more of Davidian's five-minute poetry! This one, like the one before it, is kind of pointless. Tis unfortunate, but atleast it's something.

I've got nothing to say,
there's no hurting that needs to go away
no boat, no sailors shouting mayday

It's turning into a pleasure cruise
a commercial, full of bikinis and booze
and yet, I must hit snooze

And yet I wonder, where's my muse
did she, too, hit snooze?

The words don't come
creativity has gone numb
the facts are there
yet I'm caught unaware
as I've written nothing but a crumb

I know I'm not dumb
I'm just a flair with no Ric
using bad lines; What a shtick!

I like poetry
It comes easily
If it's good? that's for the voters to see
if it's not? It'll rest, node heavenly.

Normal Daylog Banter:

I'm heading out to UPS in about 40 minutes to go see if I can get a job. I'm hoping for something office related, but I don't mind lifting. It'll be good for my muscles, but bad for my back. Eh well. I'm also heading off to Oak Island, North Carolina in 8 days. I'm planning on bringing a notepad down to see if I can get some poetry written. I'm gonna be down there, with fiancee and her (extended) family for a good number of days. Xenocide, by Mr. Card, and Snow Crash, by Mr. Stephenson are going to join me. I figure Xenocide should last me about 2-3 days, but I know Snow Crash is going to take longer than that. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of either book! So, it's library time for me, I guess.

Here are some words of advice; REMAIN ACTIVE! About 3 weeks ago I became afflicted with the utmost of tortures, shin splints. These buggers irk me almost all the time. Playing ultimate frisbee three times a week hasn't helped as much as I would like. Although I think it's slowly beginning to get better. However, if I had done some activity last summer, I don't think I would be in such a predicament. So DO SOMETHING! Pick up Soccer! Shoot some hoops! Do SOMETHING! Hell, rig up a bicycle to your computer, so you have to work your buns off to make the monitor turn on! Anything is better than nothing! Get your friends together and play Disc, hell, atleast walk in the woods (assuming you aren't trapped by the confines of humanity). When was the last time you were surrounded by nothing but trees?