I heard the funniest thing today on the Howard Stern Show. It was so rediculous I had to write about it. For a little while now, I can't say exactly how long I've only been listening to the Stern show for about a week now, Howard has been promoting the fact that him and his show are going to Vegas, in usual Howard Stern fashion. By this, I mean he's doing something completely off the wall that makes no sense to anyone. Sometimes I wonder if Howard himself knows what he's doing. But anywho, Howard had the brilliant idea to hold a contest, and the winner would get to ..... marry a pornstar! Yup, good old Howard. The winner of this contest would marry Holly Landers.

The marriage actually happened yesterday but it was aired today, hence it's under today's daylog. This marriage was not normal by far. The ring bearer was none other than Joey Buttafucco, and the person who walked down the aisle and gave away the pornstar? None other than Ron Jeremy, proclaimed by me to be the King of Porn. Howard and his cast of cronies heckled almost every part of this wedding (Don't have him kiss the bride, have em do anal instead, etc.). However the coolest part of this wedding was Karl (or Carl it's hard to tell over the radio). The bridesmaids were provided by The Bunny Ranch, which, as far as I can tell, is a Gentleman's Club, you know, a place with poles and titties. Carl is the luckiest man ever. He's officially married to a pornstar, and for his honeymoon, him and his wife, and his bridesmaids all went to the same honeymoon suite for an orgy. They even invited the minister! Man, I love Howard Stern.