I don't know what has happened to me recently. It started about a week and a half ago. I found myself getting so frustrated with our President that I wanted to start picketing, if not rioting. Yes, it's about the whole Gay marriage thing, cuz, y'know, the Gays aren't REAL people and have no right to marry.

It continued yesterday, on a wrestling news site I frequent I noticed that Shock Jock, and friend of wrassler Hulk Hogan, Bubba The Love Sponge had been axed. Fired from all Clear Channel radio stations because he is a shock jock, and often talked about "indecent" things. Personally, I think Bubba's a twit and don't really care.

It was then I noticed Google News this morning. Preferring the internet to a newspaper, I surfed through and almost shat myself when I saw that they fired Howard Stern. Now, I know Howie's popularity has dropped a bit since Private Parts and all the books he wrote and whatnot, but was this really a smart move? I'm sure that Stern still pulled in his fair share of listeners still, and has some pretty good ratings. And if he's getting good ratings, why would there be a need to fire him?

Now back to me :^). I emailed my Governor the other day, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, about gay marriage. I told him my opinion and ask that he change his (as he supports the president's amendment of STUPIDITY). I dunno if he'll even read it, or hear about it, but I feel better. Now to email Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, and whoever else is in my state's government. I also emailed Clear Channel's radio department about my concern over their actions. I know that they are a private business, but c'mon, free speech people. Let Stern talk to the guy who boinked Paris Hilton and ask if did her anal. I pretty sure she does just by looking at her, but I want proof, as I cannot live my life anymore if I do not find out.

On a more serious note, I also told them that I will no longer be listening to their radio stations. This hurts more than anything. Ever since the bullshit in Iraq, where my former favorite morning radio program took a radical pro-war stance (that's fine, I know Greg Hill is a big Republican), I've been listening to Jamn 94.5's morning show. However, they're owned by Clear Channel, something I should have known as they only play 8 different songs throughout the day. I think it's time to email them too.

I still wonder though, how serious these emails are taken. I know you can get free boxes of Tastey-O brand Sugar Smackacular cereal for free by writing to their comapany via hand-written letter, but this is an email, which is more impersonal. Oh well, at least I did something.

I'm gonna preach here for two seconds, I urge the Americans reading this to email your government about this whole gay marriage thing. It's not a human rights issue, but more an economic one about how married couples get tax breaks and other bonuses for being married, while life-partners or whatever do not. This, to the politicians I'm sure, is the heart of the issue and it's disgusting. Then again, it's America, and as the wise prophets in the Wu-Tang Clan said, "Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla dolla bills y'all".

Sorry, I had to vent. /me hops down from his soapbox and works on something factual.