I don't like to write daylogs that much. Daylogging can easily be overdone, imho, but sometimes you just need to let the world into your world. And with a sentence like that I wish I could follow it up with something either profound or dramatic; but alas, I cannot. My life isn't that special.

If any of you have a stellar memory, lil Sophia is doing fine. She got sick, but she got better, so we can give a collective YAY. My girlfriend is still crazy about marriage and engagement. She went out with her mother two nights ago and went to one of those Midnight Madness wedding dress sales at the outlet store. You know, the ones where the really psycho brides push and shove and act as un-lady-like as possible to get the best dress. One woman asked my girlfriend when her wedding was going to be. My Baby said about a year and a half. The woman's was next month. I'm sure she wondered what my girlfriend was doing there.

Engagement is a scary-ass thing, especially to me. I am completely down with this girl, hell, I love her more than my own mother (it's ok mom, you can still cook better than anyone alive, and since you've become a grandmother, I've noticed a distinct improvement in your pies), but I didn't say that.

Back to the point, I was talking to one of my best friends the other night and I commented that it was a loss of manhood. He responded I was way off and it was a loss of childhood, and the beginning of manhood. I think he's right. It is a loss of childhood, and I'm not gonna lie, my childhood was the shit. I missed it at the age of 14, and I miss it now.

I am slowly getting my life on track, but I have a lot of work to do still. I removed Micro$oft's pathetic attempt at an OS from my computer. This is good for several reasons. First off, no more Diablo II. Yup, that's the best reason. No fanaticism here. I won't preach about the niceness of a free (well, cheap, cuz I ordered Redhat from the company) operating system, not bogged down by silly liscenses. Instead, the best reason is no more Diablo II.

Diablo II, except for maybe when I was a lad and DooM and Civilization first came out, is by far the best video game I've played at this point in my life. Addictive, and rewarding, especially when your necromancer gets to level 72 in less than a week :^) Unfortunately, to get your necromancer to level 72 in less than a week you need to spend a lot of time on that video game. Which I did; and School I did not.

The combination of a fat sack of the ganja and video games with a lack of parental supervision for an extended period of time is no good. It's not kosher, and does not lead to goodness. Especially when your work ethic sucks as much as mine does, but I digress. Needless to say, I played more diablo than homework, and I'm at the point in my life where I can't afford to jack off anymore. Now the only video game I play is GnuChess, sober. This is because chess is good for my brain, better than Diablo anyway. However, I hate college. I need to get out of college. I need to move on with my life and in with my girl.

Speaking of college, I got into UMass Lowell, which, by far, has the shittiest parking lot ever on north campus. You'd think that the campus with the math, CS, and engineering majors would have a well designed parking lot, WELL YOU WERE WRONG! In my first week there my car was hit once, and I tapped someone's car already. Talk about crap.

The homework is hard, but it's worth it. It's hard transferring/getting kicked out of college and going to another. One needs to get into a groove, not to mention figure out how to turn in CS homework. ULowell is tough, but it's what needs to be done.

That's really all that's been going on in my life recently. I quit smoking back in December, and thankfully, this time it was for good. The only problem about this is that it's 10 months AFTER I told the woman I love I quit. Shame on me, I know, but atleast I got it done. Although, I felt really shitty when she was all happy for me not having a cigarette in over a year... guilt's a bitch.

Hopefully I can be out of college by the end of next year, but so much credit didn't transfer that I am not sure about that. I need to get the all important job, so I can afford the rock my woman wants, yet I have no time for a job, or atleast I feel that way. I enjoy my free time, and want to tomorrow.

It's snowing here again. We already have about a foot-foot and a half on the ground, and are supposed to get over six more inches today. I feel like I'm back in elementery school by hoping school gets cancelled tomorrow. Please?