Ahh, it's Commercialism season! Yay! Merry American Commercialism to those who celebrate it. Not to jab at Christmas, but more so the malls. Here's a little hint I discovered this fine holiday season.:

I Had to go to the mall today. I got shopping done for my girlfriend, and my parents. However, as I walked into Sears to get to the rest of the mall I noticed Sears had a rack of "Naughty Mrs. Claus" outfits, for lack of a better name. It's the red lingerie with white trim, but they added a red stocking hat to it too, so it was the entire outfit of naughtiness. I pay it no mind as there are no blonde male fantasies scoping them out. As I walk past I hear a guy on a cell phone say, and I quote, "So do you remember that thing we talked about, they have it right here."

It was some average white guy. Dunno what his wife/girl/neighbor's daughter looks like, but we men should know better than to buy something naughty, that will end up nice puddled in the corner of the bedroom, DON'T BUY IT AT SEARS! Nothing against the store, hell, my girl got my christmas present from there last year. But it was a drill. A cordless drill. Not a Nightie. Go to Frederick's of Hollywood, or atleast go to Victoria's Secret. Or hit up your local neighborhood porn shop. Sears? I mean really.


(Buying a $1000 bracelet for under $340 + 5 year warranty = Happy Davidian)