Every human is different. It's part of the gene pool and part of the beauty that is humanity. I might disagree with you, you might like men, while I like women; you might smoke while I don't (anymore). Whatever it is, there are differences among us. I know I am different from the majority reading this.

I want to feel sad. I don't want to be depressed; oh no, never do I want to go that far, but I want to feel sad. You see, my grandfather on my mother's side is diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. He was in the fifth percentile the first time, so I dunno what percentile he is in with the second, let alone the third. My parents have already done their duties. My mother has busied herself with finding a proper home for them. Not a nursing home, but a place to live.

My grandparents have lived in Florida for over ten years now. Like Conan O'Brien joked, it is life's end zone. Bit I'll try and be serious here. From the sound of things, my grandfather is going to have a trachiotomy so he can breathe. This ultimately means a feeding tube and a whole bunch of shit you'd never wish on your enemies, unless you really really hated them, or their name was Adolf Hitler, but again I digress

My parents have been making plans for a place for my grandparents, but, by the sound of things, mostly my grandmother, Giselle. It doesn't sound like grandpa has long left in this world, but he's 82. He's lived longer than I hope to, and he's fought in WWII, which makes him my official hero.

I'm drunk, and I'm rambling, but I really don't care, and neither do you, because you're going to upvote this because you feel sympathetic. I don't give a shit. I want to feel sad. I don't feel anything right now. I didn't feel anything when "the news broke." Fuck, I didn't feel anything when I heard my Dad's Father died. Shit, I didn't even tear when I saw him in the coffin.

Do I think something is wrong, no, I know there is. I've never had a strong connection with my family, ever. My dad's been busy with work since before I was even born. He's an orthopedic surgeon, so I guess he has to be. While this has disenfranchised me, it makes me jealous more than anything else. And no, not jealous of the kids who's dad's played catch with them, my dad did that too, he even took me to Red Sox games. I just wish I had his work ethic.

I dunno where this going. I'm 7 beers into the evening and I don't have to drive, where are you? The image of my dad's father in his coffin is burnt into my brain. The only memory of my Mother's Father is bringing me a Transformer when I was young, maybe 8, the one that turns into the microscope. The other memory I have is later than that, my teenage years, you know, the rebellious ones. We were playing pool and I snuck the cue ball behind the 8 ball. He told me I was playing Jap pool. I didn't get it at the time, but I did when I started studying World War II.

Is he old? Yes. Has he lived a good life? I'd say so. I just wish I could help him. Besides donating my throat I dunno what I could do. Will I miss Grandpa, Yes. Will I be sad, I doubt it.

Here's to those growing old, and those feeling young. Be happy, be sad, just don't smoke a pipe for the majority of your life, I beg of you. I don't mean to be a downer, things just happened that way.