I've seen a lot of passion on here recently and that is good, as it oft leads to good writing, if not more thinking. However, we need to face the fact that, if anything, the deuce is an oligarchy, if not a joint dictatorship. Roll with the policy if you like it or not, there's not much your Joe Blow Noder like myself can get done. But this is not one of THOSE daylogs, forget this paragraph, this is a happy daylog.

About 5 weeks ago, I started working at a UPS hub in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. It's a good job. The work is menial, I build walls of boxes in trucks, but it's fun. They pay me to get in shape. I've already lost weight, about an inch off my tummy, and I have better definition in my arms. For $8.50 an hour, and only part time, it ain't that bad.

Sure, it has its downsides. The Corporation just bullied us, the union, into working Sunday through Thursday with the threat of getting rid of our shift. I still think they're bluffing on that, but I can't be sure. However, the good stuff was just around the corner.

I'm a loader, I load boxes, as I've mentioned before. Loaders are put into groups, called PD's, of which there are 13. I'm in PD-2. Each PD has a set of conveyor belts and a set of trailors, where they go depends on the PD in question. Each PD also has their own part-time supervisor. There's also a full-time supervisor who looks over 6 PDs. The thirteenth PD is a backup, used when there's a lot of flow, or work's being done on another PD and they had to shut it down.

With the background out of the way ... My full-time supervisor calls me over the other day, and takes me outside (we're right next to a Brownie entry point). My heads a flutter, trying to figure out what I did wrong that could get me punished.

Supe: "How long are you planning to work at UPS?"
Me: "Until I get out of college, about two years."
Supe: "You give any thought into becoming a supervisor?"

Now, it's a jump about 2 steps up the ladder, which is good, A fatter paycheck ($16.00/hour though a monthly check), and I'm out of the union, which isn't really the best. However, if it fits in my school schedule, I think I'm gonna go for it. I still have to talk to my Supe and figure out all that being a supervisor entails, but it sounds pretty darn good. My fiance and parents both think it's great.

He said, as I had thought, that it was happening quickly. People don't usually move up this fast. I dunno why he chose me, although my guess is because I was always bugging him about stuff, asking questions and wondering why things never got fixed. Little things mostly, but still, shit that should be taken care of. I guess if you keep your face in front of your boss he takes notice in you.

I'll have to see how this all turns out, but until then...

/me dances and sings "I'm getting promoted, I'm getting promoted :^)