Boyfriend sense tingling

And next thing you know, it's just over a week until your girlfriend fiance's birthday, and you have no money left because you spent mad dime on an engagement ring. Damn. But worry not fellow noders and nodettes, I have a plan. Although I could use some help on it. For a long time now, about 3-4 months, my girl has been begging for me to write her some poetry. I haven't written poetry since I was depressed and angsty in high school. I am now 22.

She's wanted poetry ever since she realized I was published in a poetry collection. I entered on a whim, mostly because I saw an advertisement in the Sunday comics and had just finished venting from said depression and angst. Somehow, someone liked what I wrote, despite the angst, and it appears somewhere in the midst of this volumous collection.

The reason I bring all this up is that I want to write a love poem for my girl, and there are several issues with this. The first being the time since I've written poetry. It's been a while, and I'm rusty. Second, the fact it's a love poem. I listen to metal and hip hop music, so I get no love there. I need a source to draw from to inspire me. While I plan on posting rough drafts here on occasion, I want something to start from. I'm currently thinking of penning a sonnet and a free form poem. I would like any ideas for inspiration, love songs/poems that have moved you, or any other advice you might have about poetry, which I understand is a concept a tad foreign to E2. They don't have to be noded, feel free to send me links to web collections, or titles of books I might be able to find in my local library, I know I have a card or two somewhere. So for all you bookworms, bards and poets, help me ... please?