As I mentioned in my last daylog, My girlfriend's fiancee's birthday is in two days! For her birthday I originally planned on composing two different poems, one a free form, and the other a sonnet of some sort. I ended up using a rhyme-scheme consisting four couplets, and the last line in each couplet rhymes. This was not planned, and was the first thing that came to my head.

I was able to go to Ridgevale Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts today. The sea is an excellent muse. Although I wanted to get more done, I only spent an hour at the beach. It was nice and quiet, low tide too. Here's what I got done on the poem.

Every morning I wake up
and am sad you're not there
Your face is so peaceful,
framed by your hair
I cannot but help to pause,
for I'm caught in a stare
life without you
is naught but despair.

When we are apart
I feel an ache in every bone
alas, I cannot wait
for a place we call home
It won't need a tv
cable or phone
Just me and my Baby
So we're never alone

You're too far away,
when you're not in my arms
I'll stay right by your side
and see you ne'er come to harm
You make me want to do crazy things,
like run away, and buy a farm
and sometimes I know,
you think I was raised in a barn

Obviously, this is a love poem. I think I conveyed that part of it rather well, however, I am also a very non-serious person most of the time, which I think explains the last four lines. I don't really know if I want something that humorous, or non serious, in there, as it damages the mood of the poem. That's also the reason I decided to leave the beach, if I got started on silly, I'd stay in silly mode for a while. Here are some other stanzas I'm thinking of working in somehow.

You're my guide,
my companion in life
You're the only reason
I want to have a wife.

My love for you is more
than I could say
Even if for you,
I wrote a poem a day

You're Venus unmarred,
with none more beautiful
Skin soft and pale
like a baby lamb's wool

I'm off the market,
To you I am sold.
And we'll live together
Til we're a hundred and one years old.

These are seperate because I wanted to have four rhymes in a row instead of just two. I really want to use the Venus unmarred stanza, as I like the way that sounds, I just haven't found any good rhymes for beautiful yet. I also really want to incorporate the first and last stanza somehow as well. When it's all done, I want to have five sets of four couplets, a total of 40 lines of poetry. I'm thinking of giving her a handwritten version, plus a typed copy of the poem, so she can actually read it. I have until this Friday, beacause that's when I see her next. Hopefully I can sit down with this and finish it up at somepoint this week. I'm open to suggestions at anypoint before Friday, as I have an early flight that morning, and need this done before then.