I'm really debating what to do with my hair. I haven't had a haircut since April or so. It's starting to consistently hit my collar in the back, and it's getting in my eyes when I'm not wearing my now-everpresent hat. Several of my friends have told me it looks terrible, and should get cut, but others have said that everybody goes through the bad hair phase when growing it out, and I should stick with it. I'm going with ambivalence right now.

Today's morning was off to a really bad start. I literally had to drag myself out of bed this morning for some reason. Once I was actually dressed and at Voyager.network, I felt better, but I wanted nothing more than another, say, six hours of sleep or so.

Last night my roomate and I continued our slow process of watching all of Babylon 5. That show completely blows me away. We'll be finishing Season Two tonight, I think. That's becoming the high point of my week. I'll be really sad when we're done.