Another lovely Monday. Lesse.. what happened today?
Class went well, even thought I didn't make it to the first one. I got my Premodern Japan test back todat, got a C.. Passing, but I should have done better. I still have that damn paper hanging over my head like a 10 ton safe. I've got a thesis and an outline but no actual content as yet. This is very disturbing.

And at work...
Finished the servlets that I've been working on for an Evil Client, only to discover that the HTML Staff hadn't bothered with reading the specification, and so the multi-page forms were not (multi-page forms). Guess who 'gets' to fix this lovely problem...they do.

No more Mr. Nice Developer.

Besides, I think that my lack of HTML skill is pretty much a thing of legend. Other than that, not a whole lot happened.