Ergg.. Saturday.

Spending all day writing a paper... The professor handed it out under the heading Take Home Quiz. Lying jerk. A 7-10 page paper is most definately not a Quiz. If he'd said paper, I'd be cool with it, but nooooooo..... Ah well, such is life. This paper is on The Importance of poetry in Heian Japan, I'll node it when I get the grade. I promise.

I'm also reading La Defence Intellectuale for my World War I Primary Source readings in French class. I haven't taken French in 5 years, so this aught to be interesting. The good thing is that the class is one-on-one with the TA, and he's a pretty patient person.

On the home front, my parents are coming to visit tommorrow. They don't drive out to Lawrence often, and it suprises me that they are coming out so close after my father's stroke. This means that I have to clean house. The place is a wreck.

My wife is busy getting her Grad School application packet ready. I'm extremely proud of her, she's great at French and I think that she'll do very well in Grad School. The down side is that she doesn't have a lot of free time for me. Bummer.
That's all the news that's fit to print.
Signing off.