Ahhh... What a week.

First things first: the weekend. This weekend I got to do a little fly fishing, and some bait fishing. I got to completely relax... until it started to rain, during which I caught more fish than I had for the remainder of the day. It was fun, and desperately needed. Saturday evening a couple of my wife's school friends came by for dinner and we had a blast. Talked until 11:30. On Sunday Angie and I went to see Almost Famous with another friend of hers. It was a good movie, if you're into Rock and Roll movies.

On Monday the shit hit the fan. I got fired from work. Get the reason: I missed one page. Sounds like someone was trying to lower their overhead w/o laying people off. It caught me by suprise, but I was looking for a new job anyways, so all that I did was pick up the pace of my search. I imagine that I'll have something by the end of the week; skilled programmers are hard to come by, even if they need to work the night shift. Actually, to call it fired is a stretch; I was given the option of working days or finding another job and I took the later.
I've slept better this week than I have slept for months.
That's all of the excitement from around here. Hopefully I'll have good news to post later on in the week!