Wow, all of these long writeups about everything everybody else did at the gathering... so here's mine:

Dataknife goes to New Orleans or How I went to New Orleans and still managed to get enough sleep

I flew out from Kansas City, Mo. on Friday at 11:00AM CDT in a TWA MD-80. I had to connect in St. Louis, Mo.... where I was glad to discover that I was not one of the 20 people bumped from the overbooked flight. I arrived in New Orleans at 3:30PM CDT. I hauled ass down to the baggage claim area, got my luggage, and then began to look for the welcoming committe. Hrmm... nobody's here. I wandered up to the lobby (you have to understand that the New Orleans Airport is on 2 levels, unlike KCI) and began to hunt around for my ride. After 20 Minutes or so, I got tired of walking and called Byzantine and asked if I'd been forgotten. It turns out that discofever and I had just missed each other. He finally found me in the lobby of the airport.. he was holding a sign that said Lesbians, Monkeys, Soy. Quite distinctive. Discofever took me over to Templeton's pad where we hung for a little bit. After more noders arrived we went out to Angeli's for food. It was quite good. I listened to dann and jurph violate the resturant code by discussing both religion and politics over dinner. It was a good conversation, though. After we had eaten, we returned to home base and the partying began... well for everybody 'cept me. I'd only had about 2 hours of sleep a day for the 2 weeks before so I was beat. I pretty much napped on and off all evening. Eventually, the smoke got to thick for my lungs. I retired soon after to Discofever swank pad, where we met his roomie (she's good lookin' and no mistake). I crashed.

Saturday came, I was awake at 8a, easy. For the morning, we went to a small café and had a much needed breakfast. We then returned to the Den Mother's pad. Woah! There were noder bodies all over the place! They'd been packed in like sardines. I got introduced to many people, real names I promptly forgot (Bad with names, I am). I had decided not to attend the Voodoo Music Festival, so I gave my ticket to karmaflux's girlfriend. We bummed around all day, which I enjoyed. Went to Bourbon Street that evening... Fun, but just not me. It is now apparent to me why they say that New Orleans is the only place in the U.S. where you can debauch in public. Went to a bar called d.b.a, this place had an excellent scotch selection. I had a Macallan 18yr. Excellent. Went back to DiscoFever's around 1a, coded a port scanner. Crashed at around 3 AM.

Sunday we went to Court of Two Sisters. Good breakfast. Hung around Templeton's pad all day. Chatted, swapped photos. Impressed Mitzi with my long fingers and typing speed.

Came home on Monday.

I wasn't exactly my cheerful self on the trip... My personal life is in a wee bit of a shambles. I apologize if I offended anyone with my reclusive demeanor. I did enjoy myself, though.