Elwyn Berlekamp is a Professor of Mathematics at the Univerisity of California, Berkley. As a researcher in the fields of Error Correcting Codes he shared the discovery of Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm with James Massey. He also has done a substantial amount of research in the fields of Finance, Information Theory, Games, and Algorithms.

Biographical Information

Born on September 6, 1940, he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., which he recieved in 1964. In 1964, he joined the faculty of the Univerisity of California, Berkley as an Associate Professor of Electricial Engineering. He left for a short while in 1967 to join Bell Telephone Laboratories but returned to academic life at Berkley in 1971 as a full Professor. He also founded a company called Cyclotomics (now owned by Kodak), which is the provider high-speed error control systems for NASA. In addition, all commercial compact disc players use some Reed-Solomon Codes with Berlekamp Decoding. Prof. Berlekamp is currently embroiled in a legal battle with a Sam Sloan of Ishi Press International over the distribution of several works on Go, for which the latter is owed royalties (United States District Court, San Jose Branch docket# C-95 20678 RMW), though he is named as a defendant and counter-claimant, there appears to be little more than unfortunate association.


From 1979 until 1994, he held 12 patents, all of which are now in the public domain. They covered topics such as: Galois Field Computer (#4162480), Transparent Synchronization (#4731676), Elongated Burst Trapping (#4958348). All of which deal in some way with the field of Information Theory.

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