A list of available song/pattern/channel/note effects of the classic tracker, Impulse Tracker, in alphabetical order.

Axx - Sets the speed
Bxx - Jumps to pattern "xx"
Cxx - Ends current pattern and jumps to position "xx" on next pattern
D0x - Volume slide down
Dx0 - Volume slide up
DFx - Fine volume slide down
DxF - Fine volume slide up
Exx - Pitch slide down
EFx - Fine pitch slide down
EEx - Extra fine pitch slide down
Fxx - Pitch slide up
FFx - Fine pitch slide up
FEx - Extra fine pitch slide up
Gxx - Portamento slide to note
Hxy - Vibrato with speed "x" and depth "y"
Ixy - Tremor with ontime "x" and offtime "y"
Jxy - Arpeggio with halftones "x" and "y"
Kxx - Vibrato with volume slide "xx"
Lxx - Portamento to node with volume slide "xx"
Mxx - Set channel volume
N0x/Nx0/NFx/NxF - Channel volume slides (see
D0x, etc.)
Oxx - Set sample offset
P0x/Px0/PFx/PxF - Panning slides (left/right)
Qxy - Retrigger note after "y" frames with volume modifier "y"
Rxy - Tremolo with speed "x" and depth "y"
S3x - Set vibrato waveform (0 = sine wave, 1 = square wave, 2 = ramp down, 3 = random)
S4x - Set tremolo waveform (same as above)
S5x - Set panbrello waveform (same as above)
S70 - Past note cut }
S71 - Past note off } in instrument mode
S72 - Past note fade }
S6x - Pattern delay for "x" ticks
S73 - Set NNA to note cut
S74 - Set NNA to continue
S75 - Set NNA to note off
S76 - Set NNA to note fade
S77 - Turn volume envelope off
S78 - Turn volume envelope on
S8x - Set panning position (provided for Screamtracker compatibility)
S91 - Set pseudo-surround sound
SAy - Set high offset
SB0 - Set loop back point
SBx - Loop "x" times to loop back point
SDx - Note cut after "x" frames
SEx - Pattern delay for "x" rows
Txx - Set tempo to "xx"
T0x - Tempo slide down
T1x - Tempo slide up
Uxy - Fine vibrato with speed "x" and depth "y"
Vxx - Set global volume
W0x/Wx0/WFx/WxF - Slide global volume
Xxx - Set panning position to "xx"
Yxy - Panbrello with speed "x" and depth "y"

Remember: Values should be in Hex

Kudos to "Impulse Tracker for the Compleat Idiot" and my memory