Are you too bogged down with worldly cares,
To even take the time to pray
Or lend someone a helping hand,
To help him along life's way?
Are you too busy to take the time
To speak a kind consoling word,
Or do you leave this task to others,
Hoping through them they will be heard?
There's plenty of work for us to do
And no time for us to delay
So why not do all the good you can
To help build God's kingdom right away?
Will you accept His plan of salvation
And receive the gift of abounding love
That He bestows on true believers
And is freely given from above?
Since the harvest is great and the laborers are few,
Will you let Him come in your heart to stay,
And will He find you working in His vineyard
If He should come today?
Fuck you, I am an atheist