I just finished reading Robert Jordan's most recent book, "Crossroads of Twilight". Don't worry if you haven't read it yet because NOTHING HAPPENS. It's amazing. I kept reading, waiting for the meat, waiting for something to change and nothing does. It ends with all the characters in the same place as they were at the beginning. The book is heavy with Perrin and Mat story (which I enjoy since the last book with all about the women) but they don't do anything, not a god damn thing!! There is maybe 3 chapters with Rand and about 3 with Elayne, and 3 with Egwene, which makes up about half the book. The rest of it is pretty equally divided between Mat and Perrin.

If you do a google search for "Robert Jordan" I think you can get the gist of it. I searched for the title of the book and couldn't find an up to date site for the first 3 pages of links!!!

Usually Jordan does a pretty good job at the end of his books of making you want to come back for more. Something normally happens that brings me back but this one was flat all the way through, not battles, no plot twists, just men being pussies and women being bitches. At least Rand has stopped bitching so much about being the dragon reborn, now he's just a dick.