"The Incredible String Band" is an UK folk group that was created in 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland, at Clive's Incredible Folk Club. The band consisted of Mike Heron, Robin Williamson, and Clive Palmer.

In 1966 the trio compiled a self-titled album, "The Incredible String Band", a stirring exotic compilation of traditional folk music and contemporary mysticism with a twist of original flare. After the first album, Palmer left the group, but Heron and Williamson continued on to create the magical "5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion" in 1967.

With the release of "Changing Horses" to new members were introduced, Licorice McKechnie and Rose Simpson. The addition of these members helped them to achieve a much fuller sound and transcend into a new acoustic edge all to their own, merging contemporary and traditional folk with modern rock creating a new synergetic art form.

Later in 1971, Malcolm Le Maistre and Gerald Dott were introduced to the group, and both Simpson and McKechnie left. In 1974, feeling constrained art form, Heron and Williamson announced the formal end of their partnership.

However, since 1974 three new albums; "The First Girl I Loved", "The Chelsea Sessions", and "In Concert" have been released. Whether these were done as compilations, or under a regrouping of the band, I can not tell you.

The self-titled album released in 1966 consists of the following songs:
Maybe Someday
October Song
When the Music Starts To Play
The Tree
Dandelion Blues
Oh, Lord How Happy I Am
Smoke Shovelling Song
Can't Keep Me Here
Good As Gone
Foot steps of the Heron
Everything's Fine Right Now