As I sit here before my keyboard realise that I do not know who I am in the world. I have been trapped in this room too long. I have found that I can not look out the stained glass windows I have for eyes and see myself or the world in the colors that they are supposed to be. I have delusions of grandeur, and illusions of failure.

Where do I belong?
Does the world owe me?
Owe Us?
Am I a great person?
Am I capable of love?
Capable of hate?

I am me in the world. I have greatness and a lack of it as well. I know who I want to be and may never achieve that goal, and yet the world sees who I am and tells me I'm good. I suppose it is needed to remain intact with reality and flirt with insanity to keep myself understanding that I am who I am, and can never be more or less than that. But I still like to wish someone would tell me who they want me to be, or who I can be. So please won't you:

Remind Me Who I Am, Again?