I didn’t realize that you would be so hard to thaw out.

When I first saw your wrapper, I was drawn to you right away, bright and perky, just screaming for attention. And give it to you I did, paying for you with deep conversations and rides home, talks with parents and late night phone calls. Eagerly I took you home, and unwrapped the burrito of our relationship.

I was anxious to dive in, enticed by your warm and fluffy tortilla of friendship and kindness, I could only imagine what else you had in store. Carefully I took a bite, and the sensation of what you could give me exploded across my taste buds. With sexy dashes of spice, a little gooey cheese of caring and beans and beef of true feeling and care, you gave me everything you had, and a little more. I was so surprised, I only wanted maybe a microwaved burrito of lovin, not a some meal of emotion.

So I panicked, I covered you in the Saran Wrap of unreturned phone calls and missed connections and I threw you as quickly as I could in the freezer of my heart. Forgotten back there behind the Chocolate ice creams of current crushes but brushing aside the Vanillas of past heart breakers. And so there you stayed……and what a fool I was. All this time, if only I had realized the hunger I had wasn’t for some simple treat, but something that would satisfy me.

Someone said that way to a man's heart "is through his stomach." If this be the case, then you will have my heart soon enough. Hungry as I am, I'll know when I've had too much. Maybe I'll pick up something new next time I'm out, who knows what i'll find....