A popular off-Broadway which I saw at the Geary Theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area, it stars Bill Irwin and David Shiner.

This hilarious play is made special by the fact that the two actively involve the audience in the show. Using the entire theatre as a stage, they climb the lighting, bother audience members in the balconies and front rows, and select volunteers to act out several short stories. Though I was skeptical at first, none of the audience members are professional actors. Irwin and Shiner are somehow able to select naturally skilled actors from the audience by looks alone.

The show is performed to the fiddling of the Red Clay Ramblers, who provide sound effects to Irwin and Shiner's antics (neither speaks during the entire performance) and punctuate acts with several upbeat tunes.

Unfortunately, the show is no longer playing at the Geary, however, Irwin and Shiner are continuing it elsewhere. If you find it, don't pass up the opportunity for some great comedy!