Slang term for inhaling the nitrous oxide from a can of whipped cream. The effects is quite an interesting feeling. You're head feels really numb, but you feel funny all over. It is a slight dissociative. It only lasts a few seconds (5 if you are lucky) but the feeling is amazing. If you do a few in a row it lasts longer, but i find it best to space them out. Running right after a hit also prolongs the effects (IMHO). You lose a bit of judgement while under the influence. If you do a lot at once you act really stupid and i wouldn't recommend driving. IT kills a lot of brain cells and I've heard of young children dying from it, so use with caution. In the hospital setting nitrous is mixed with oxygen. In the can it is used as a propellant and may contain other stuff. Using one to three cans every once in a while is recomended. Using every day could cause you to have serious problems and become a real dumbass