A Video Adventure game for the Sega CD, 32X and 3DO.

The basic concept of the game is that of voyeurism. The player watches a movie in a small window until a point is reached where interaction is required. In this game it is usually required that you push certain buttons to trap the monsters that have invaded the house.

Suprisingly for a game based on voyeurism, there is some form of plot present, while not particularly involving it serves its purpose and pushes the player from scene to scene. The storyline consists of a group of friends who met another girl in a mall. They quickly become freinds, to the point where the new girl invites the others to stay at her house on the lake. In the spirit of weak narratives everywhere, they accept without question and set off to the aforementioned house. They spend some time partying and eating and generally having a Good Time. Little do they know what is actually going on in the house. So it goes that the girl who invited them to the house is a vampire. The game starts around this point, you play the security chief of the house, your job is to save the scantily clad girl (played by Dana Plato) from the bad things that have infested the house. You do this by choosing a variety of camera angles and pressing the trap button at certain times. Absolute precision timing is required, reminiscent perhaps of Dragon's Lair.

Another reason a person may have heard of this game, is that it sparked quite a bit of controversy over its content, being scantily clad girls and brutal murder.

It has been generally accepted that the 32X version is the superior one, as it featured enhanced graphics as well as slightly improved performance.