The only word that adequetly fits today is suck. Why, you may ask? So far UMCP has been nothing but a nightmare ( ok not a nightmare, but its certainly turning into a dream that I can't wake up from )

First off, when I moved in, I found out that I needed to have my account activated before I could get internet access. The office was closed sunday and saturday. I got that registered, and found I needed my MARS ( some network thing they have a umd, don't ask cause I don't know ;) PIN number! Back to the office...

I get that done finally, and I decide to ride over to deathcubek's apartement. I get half way and my bike chain breaks. Ok. Things like that happen. I get there, and noone has pliers that I can use to fix it, so when I leave I have to walk the bike back to the house. Someone at the house has a leatherman that I can borrow. I fix it, but it breaks again when I test it out. I'll have to buy a new chain.

Then I have to buy books. Luckly my physics book is the only one I have to buy right now. There was no used one at the bookstore, so I had to buy a new one -- $75. Normally, this isn't too much of a problem but, just moving down here, I don't have a bank account with money in it, so I have to pay out of hand ( I don't like credit cards ). Now I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough money to last until I get my bank account transferred here.

Hopefully my college experince will get better.. maybe I can get a date? Or maybe thats just another of my delusions.