I ran over an unidentified small animal last night on the way home from work. I found this kinda sickening. whapcrunch! *cringe* It was definitely too big to be a squirrel and in the badly-lit half second that I saw it, it looked kinda orangey-yellow. I really hope it wasn't a dog or a cat or something.

I would however like to sing and dance for joy that gas prices have gone down again. $1.35 a gallon for regular at one of the smaller chains around here. That's the one thing that's cheapest here in New Jersey. I'd bet the low in New York right now is still like a buck fifty.

Of course, we do still pay out the nose for cigarettes. Such is life. I minimize the damage by smoking Newports and only buying them from Quick Chek. With the tax it comes to like 4.02 for Newports and a little more change for Marlboros.

I have to go clean my car now. Maybe I'll find some long-lost pack of smokes in there, as I did yesterday looking for my portable CD player. Hrm...that little fucker is missing again...